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The meaning of flowers

The meaning of flowers

It probably happened the day you were born that our mother received a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a very special gift appropriate for different occasions such as parties and special celebrations or events. Flowers are linked with emotions and feelings. Their natural colors, shapes, and smells invade space filling it with beauty.

The meaning of your favorite flowers
Alhelí: Stillness.

Amapola: Individualism, lovers of the wild life.

Anturium: Sexuality, exotic.

Azucena: Decency, Delicacy.

Cala: Elegance, nobleness and honesty.

Cardenal o Geranio: Love towards the earth.

Clavel: Friendship, marital love and security.

Crisantemo: Temperate and ceremonial seriousness, nobility.

Gerbera: The importance of things.

Gipsophila: Tenderness, infancy and transparence of the soul

Gladiolos: Elegance, solemnity.

Hortensia: Femininity of elder women.

Lily: Youth.

Lilium: Luxury and beauty.

Limonium: Wildness, roughness.

Mables: Happiness.

Daisy: Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”

Orchid: Love, beauty, refinement

Rose: Love or deep feeling.

Siempre Viva: remembrance, longing.

Tulip: European romance.

Violet:  Loyalty, modesty, humility.

The meaning of rose colors
Yellow: Light, fortune, luck, pleasure.

Blue: Trust, serenity, harmony, affection, friendship, loyalty.

Blanco: Purity, innocence, peace, divinity, harmony.

Orange: Happiness, delight, joy, enthusiasm, pleasure, party.

Sadness, darkness, separation. It could also mean graveness and loyalty.

Red: Exciting, passion, action, aggressiveness and danger.

Pink: Youthful, tender, lovable, generous, femininity, thankfulness.

Green: Hope, nature, youthful, desire, peaceful.

Violet: Enigmatic, mysterious, praiseworthy, noble

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