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Tips For Men: Giving Flowers To A Woman

Tips For Men: Giving Flowers To A Woman

Women love flowers, and they love men that give them flowers — that’s a fact. Over the course of my years of being a florist one of my favorite types of customers has been the single guy desperately trying to purchase the perfect bouquet for a hot date. Oh yes, I didn’t mention the married guy… well, that customer has this habit of getting the exact same arrangement every time… he is a tough nut to crack (he likes to play it safe). Regardless, giving flowers to women will definitely score you points and put you in the “good books” no matter what! But here’s the thing guys… you’ll score even higher if you put some effort into it! So here’s an article jam-packed with the information you need to win points with your loved one, or the one you’re trying to win!

Don’t break the bank trying to impress your date, but do buy an arrangement from a nice florist.

You do want your flowers to “stand out above the crowd” but you don’t what your arrangement of posies to look like you stole it from the local funeral home. There is something to be said for “romance”, “taste”, and “style.” So remember the message that you want to convey with your flowers. Flowers purchased from a quality flower shop say “ I took the time.” Those from a convenience store… “ I don’t care”, or “I bought these at the last moment as an afterthought.”

When is the best time to give flowers to a loved one? ANYTIME!

If you have decided to be spontaneous, good for you! I wish there were more guys out there like you. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a guy say “If I surprise her with flowers she’ll think that I did something wrong,” I’d be retired!! Be spontaneous! Pick up flowers just because you care for her, and want her to know you care. Women have expressed to me their disappointment with their significant other for not surprising them with flowers – ever! They have said that it does not have to be an expensive bouquet; it does not even have to be a frequent event — but the occasional, thoughtful gesture would be appreciated.

What is the perfect spontaneous flower bouquet?

A mixture of blooms maybe some daisies, alstromaria, and maybe a couple of special roses. Take it home or have it delivered to her work place and make all her co-workers jealous. Best of all…she’ll feel special.

The first date bouquet is crucial!

Bringing flowers to a first date is a very thoughtful gesture, but it is important not to go overboard. Keep it simple, but avoid the cheap flowers such as carnations and field daisies. Go for an elegant bouquet of all one type of flower — such as bright coloured sunflowers or gerbera daisies. Both of these options are bright and fun and pressure free. Roses are beautiful but are a little over the top for a first date. My recommendation is to save the roses and give them once you’ve been dating for a while.

Romantic evenings are the perfect occasion for giving more elaborate flower bouquets.

Personally I would recommend flowers such as orchids, roses, lilies or maybe your date has even said what her favourite flower(s) are. If your date should happen to say, take note of it — write it down so you can remember.

“Ooops” bouquets.

It’s not easy too say sorry and sometimes sending or giving flowers can ease the tension. Keep in mind your flower bouquet can’t apologize in detail for you, so send a card with a simple message. What flowers should you send? Try a subtle mixture of bright and colorful flowers, or alternatively, her favorite flower(s).

Flowers NOT to send to a love interest or significant other!

If you would consider giving the same flowers to your Mother or Grandmother these are not the flowers to send. Here is a good example (yes, I’ve seen it done)… Flowers arranged in a coffee cup saying world’s best lover! Carnations are another “no no” as you’ll give her the impression you are being cheap. And whatever you do, don’t buy the old dead roses on the local convenience store counter.

Sending the perfect card message!

Over my many years of working in flower shops I’ve seen men seem to freeze when it comes to writing a message on a card. My hope is that they are standing there poised in thought pondering the perfect sentiment. Reality is they are standing there frozen in fear of screwing up! Writing a card should not be an intimidating event, and keeping it simple works for every occasion. The great thing about flower shop enclosure cards they are very small and usually they have a message written on the top to start you off. There is not a lot of room to write a lengthy note so try and keep it to one or two lines.

And remember, always You can make arrangements by yourself, buying the most beautiful fresh cut flowers with us on https://www.easydesignflowers.com, where you can get some of the best prices. Unlike at a florist, you will be responsible for all of the prep work of cleaning and trimming them, and keeping them alive until the wedding.

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