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What To Give Your Mother On Mother’s Day!

What To Give Your Mother On Mother’s Day!

If every year you search for the perfect Mother’s Day tribute, you are not alone. If find yourself asking “what flowers do I give my mother on Mother’s Day”… you are not alone. It’s a common phenomenon and I see it each and every year — men, women and children searching for the best way to say “I love you” and “thank you” in a decorative bouquet. So…

How do you capture these words and emotions into a gift of flowers?

It’s easiest if you know your Mother.

First, you need to ask yourself…

What kind of mother do I have?

When some one describes their mother like this I usually recommend a mixed planter. A mixed planter is a mixture of green indoor plants arranged in a basket or ceramic container that usually includes one or two flowering plants for a splash of color. If you’re not big on buying a plant, order a fresh flower arrangement with a beautiful keepsake that can be placed in a garden setting. Either one of these options relays your love for your mother and allows her to enjoy nature at its best.

So what can you do?

Well, here’s what I’ve done in the past…

I’ve gotten together with my siblings, hit the garden store and planted her garden for her. So how did that go? Well…pretty well. The first year my brother, sister and I did this she did not even see the garden and walked right past it! She had pulled her famous trick of disappearing for the day and did not return until after dark. But when she finally saw what we had done even she had to admit it was a perfect Mother’s day gift. Since that year we have repeated and improving on it. We have found that doing something for her is appreciated more then any material gift. Lo and behold, she doesn’t disappear anymore, and perhaps, just perhaps, she actually looks forward to Mothers Day. Although these types of Mom’s are the toughest to deal with, my best advice is to try to do something for her that will last. Rolling up your sleeves and doing something physical is often really appreciated – cutting the grass, raking leaves, cleaning the yard, painting the fence, making a “dump run” – all the stuff that really will help her out more than a bouquet.

Looking for a way to make Mother’s day last all year long?

I had one customer come up with a great way to celebrate Mothers Day. This daughter decided to have a flower shop send her mother flowers each and every month. On the week of Mother’s Day, she sets up the delivery dates and suggested the type of flowers for each month. It’s easy — the daughter provided her Visa card number and the shop charged her credit card accordingly. I know for a fact how much this mother looks forward to her monthly delivery — she tells me every month when I show up at her door. Whatever way you think is the best way to tell your mother how special she is to you, keep this in mind… She is your mother and she deserves it! And flowers can really “show” how you feel. But a word to the wise – Mother’s Day it is the busiest time of the year for flower shops so order well in advance!

Because you don’t want your mother to feel like you forgot her!

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