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Wedding Conventions Which Are Liked By Everybody

Wedding Conventions Which Are Liked By Everybody

Traditions and customs are what make up a wedding ceremony. They are what brings up a quantity of admission and pureness to a wedding. Clearly there are a pile of traditions and customs related to weddings in the world, some are very popular. Here are some popular marriage conventions,those which are liked by everyone.

The marriage veil is simply among the most popular wedding traditions particularly from the side of bride. It is based on the tradition of olden days where the bride showing her face to groom before wedding was not considered good. A wedding veil is so used to keep the bride’s face covered. The veil is also considered to protect the bride from evil spirits.

Another well liked convention in this context is to make use of the color white. A touch of white color on the bridal dress is regarded to be a great thing as it suggests the bride has made the right choice of groom for herself. The concept of wearing white as bridal dress took shape of a convention after queen Victoria zeroed on to a white bridal dress for her wedding. However,there are certain other colors that are considered very ominous for the purpose. Some such colours are yellow, black, red, pearl and gray.

Rice has been a main component in wedding ceremonies around the world. A vital convention is to throw rice at the new couple. Rice is the symbol of wealth and fertility. It is assumed that if rice is thrown at the new couple, they will prosper in life and will have a great relationship with each other. It’s a method to wish a good married delight.

Another extraordinarily famous wedding tradition is to position the bride on the left side of the groom. This ritual has been rigorously followed since ages. In the earlier times there was a belief that that the jealous suitors will not miss on any likelihood of taking away the girl to get married. To avoid such a situation it was a ritual to place the bride on the left side of the groom. Also the bride’s hand was tied to the left hand of the groom. This warranted the right hand of the groom stayed free. This was to make sure that the groom will effectively battle with any untoward happening as made by the envious miscreants.

One of the most common and preferred marriage custom is the wedding kiss. The marriage kiss did not evolve as a result of some creative imagination. Instead, this wedding convention goes back to the Roman times. The kiss was believed to be an outline of the legal sealing of the wedding. However, for for the wedding to be considered legal, it was imperative a 3rd person witness the kiss.

Carrying bridal bouquets is also a popular wedding tradition. Quite popular to what many of us believe, wedding bouquets are not just meant to add to the style quotient. They have traditional significance too.In the earlier days the bouquets included herbs as well as flowers to keep malevolent spirits in control.Flowers were selected depending upon the meaning they signified.

Today these practice might seem mere carry-overs from past but they really make the wedding ceremony interesting and beautiful.

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