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Make A Colorful Wedding

Make A Colorful Wedding

For decades now, the distinguished color of any wedding ceremony has been white. White flowers have been the base of all decorations at any rite. With the changing times however, it is time for you to do something new in your wedding too. time to move on from the white and splatter some color in your wedding rite.

For starters, you can shed the notion that the bride’ bouquet must always be of pure and spotless white flowers. Instead, the modern bride can jazz it up by adding lush colors of the season in the form of colorful flowers in hues of emerald green, fuchsia pink, deep purple red, etc.

If this is not where you need to stop, you may be able to add carnations. The advantage of carnations is that they come in a variety of colors. Prepare the bridal bunch of carnations only but include carnations of pink, yellow, orange, red, white or any other possible color you would like.

You can also use different shades of the same color to add texture to your wedding decor. For instance, if you’re using purple you can incorporate all shades of the hue from deep purple to lilac and all that lie in between. Not only will this add texture to your decor, it will also set a color theme.

To make your wedding even more eye-catching you can choose to experiment with the more unusual color combination. Try orange and pink, purple and green or red or chocolate brown and such like. These atypical color combos will make your wedding the talk of the city.

A good example of peculiar mixes is highly contrasting colors, say orange and pink or green and purple. The color power of these mixes is what makes them so effective. For a bright, in your face effect, choose all bright colors like the 2nd. For a washed out look, select contrasting light colors, say sky blue and light pink.

However, if you would like not go out with color experimentation, you are able to add a dash of green to your arrangements instead. You can use natural accompaniments to your white flowers for this such as foliage and leaves. Not merely will this add much-needed color but it’ll also add to the natural appeal of the flowers.

Dividing the entire room into different colors is another interesting thing to do. You could divide the room into 2 parts and use different colors on the either side. However ensure that you keep the floral display same on either sides. Try to use contrasting colors like yellow and orange or pink and blue and such like.

Use these ideas wisely to make your wedding look like a riot of colors.

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