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Filming Your Wedding Properly

Filming Your Wedding Properly

Things that a couple should consider when looking for the best wedding videographer.

Whether you’re looking at a wedding guide in Brighton, Sussex UK or Dallas Texas USA , planning your special day is a huge and frequently scary job filled with many questions that all need thought and time. Whether you decide to opt for a a professional to guide you through the the whole thing or choose to make the choices yourself, there are infinite ideas and options to be thought about . How to choose the right wedding videographer is definitely an important one.

Why do I need to film my wedding ?

Videos of your wedding day are one of the most wonderful methods of preserving the memories of your special day . With all those nerves in the air and so much activity from the time you first get out of bed , the day can be over semmingly in the blink of an eye . Opting to get your wedding video professionally  made lets you to keep those memories alive till the end of your days and will capture those special details that you could otherwise escape you throughout the day.

So what next ?

Firstly you should do some research. Have a look online (the Sussex Wedding Guide is a good indicator if you’re in the Brighton UK area), ask your friends and family for anyone they may know , or take a trip to your nearest wedding fair. When you’ve found some companies you think you’ll be comfortable with , you can do some more thorough research . Looking at a company’s portfolio or reading their testimonials can be a good place to begin.

And then ?

Be sure to hook up with your video professional in advance and be prepared to go over the details before finally deciding . Go into detail about your wedding plan and what atmosphere you are planning for the day. Ask lots of questions and know what to ask . There are lots of things to think about and it’s your choice what you want to record . Videographers are trained in being discreet and staying in the background ,  but if you are worried about being filmed , talk about this with your videographer and they should be able to relax you . Think about what should be included in your video. Do you want to keep hold of those personal moments when you are preparing ? Those little details that your other half might miss ? Getting to the venue , swapping vows, the fun filled speeches , cutting of the cake and of course the first dance. Perhaps adding some messages from your friends ? The list is endless and good videographers will make sure that these important elements are included and captured in a way to suit the tone of your special day .

What should you pay ?

Don’t be afraid to talk about budgets. You want someone who will be honest with you about what you can afford and who can find solutions you’ll be happy with but also bear in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Prices will vary and the final cost will be affected by the details of your requirements . Sound is essential to the final quality of your wedding video and always worth spending a little more on . No pint in having a good picture if you can’t hear what people are saying or the special moment when you say “I do”. Microphones are how you acheive good sound and your videographer should employ various well-placed mics strategically placed. Lapel mics will not always be enough . Another thingt is how many cameras to deploy . It’s not advisable to use someone who is only using one camera. You may get the highlights recorded , but will only be able to watch it from one angle at a time and may not be able to see both the happy couple for instance . Two to three camera crew will allow for different angles and choices and help to create a fuller and more beautiful video memory.

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