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40th Birthday Gifts:Youthful Gift Ideas

40th Birthday Gifts:Youthful Gift Ideas

Are you or any of your loved ones turning 40? No, 40 isn’t old anymore. In fact it is one great reason to celebrate as they say life starts at 40. And it is definitely party time – which means gift giving time too. Let us look at some great ideas for 40th birthday gifts that would be loved by the birthday boy or girl.

Just like my 30th back yonder seems like an age ago but also just like yesterday. I must be getting old as I am full of contradictions these days! Someone gave me a booklet called “40 something vouchers” which they found online with coupons for various necessities for a forty year old. Things like an ultimate makeup removal kit, free copy of the best seller “The G-Spot”, free pair of glasses and other various tit-bits to assist getting through your 40’s! Like I need that; maybe the glasses and the makeup thingy

My kids rewrapped the Dr Seuss book from my 30th birthday bash and wrote in the cover “Are you old yet?” I received trivia games, CDs from the 70s, 40th birthday badges and a T-shirt with “Made in the Seventies” plastered across it!

The Big 40 is a great chance to reflect on past accomplishments, the future or to completely freak out; chances are all at the same time! But to heck with all of that as turning 40 also means a really huge party. Worry about all of the other stuff another time; like when you are turning 50!

When you celebrate your 40th birthday with friends and family, make sure you have your very own personalized beer and wine bottle labels. And choose some great light-up beer mugs or shot glasses with the message ‘turning 40’ to serve the alcohol. Whether the celebrations are on your behalf or on behalf of a loved one turning 40, you need to make the occasion a memorable one. Don’t hesitate to use funky 40th birthday accessories – have original props and bright decorations. Remember you only turn 40 once ! So make sure to have as much fun as possible.

Looking for fabulous 40th birthday gifts and party trimmings isn’t difficult especially with the internet. It’s simply a matter of a quick Google search and surfing online. As life begins at 40 there will undoubtedly be plenty of drinking, running a-muck and festivities for this 40th birthday celebration; so it’s wise to get online and start planning early. When you find the right 40th birthday gift simply make an online purchase at the checkout and then wait for the parcel to arrive in the mail or by courier. It’s definitely the only way to shop!

I received 2 charm mugs for my 40th birthday. The one in my office was given by colleagues and has a silver heart engraved with a simple “40”. The other at home says “I’m not 40 but 21 with 19 Years Experience”! And no prizes for guessing which one I like better!


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