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Must Haves For New Parents

Must Haves For New Parents

Having a baby is the most important time in your time. When a new baby arrives, there are many pieces of infant care equipment that a new parent will need to use. If you know someone that is pregnant, chances are down the road you will need a baby shower gift. There are many ideas for a gift but practical is always the best.<br /><br />Any new parent will find out quickly, that a baby requires bathing frequently. Many infants spit up and will then need a bath to clean up afterwards. A <a href=’http://www.allaboutbabybath.biz/’>baby bath</a> is a safe way to complete this job.<br /><br />There are many baths in the marketplace. Typically they have an inclined position for infants. Some fit in the kitchen sink. Some tubs can accommodate from infant to toddler. Many types of tubs can fold away for easy storage. They come in many shapes and styles. Prices average around $20 to $25.<br /><br />It has been proven that breastfeeding is important for an infant’s health during the first year of life. Many mothers work outside of the home and still breast feed. They maintain their milk supply by using a breast pump at work. They can pump and store milk until they get home and back to the infant.<br /><br />The <a href=’http://www.electricbreastpump.biz’>Avent breast pump</a> is an exceptional item. This machine pumps with hospital grade efficiency. It even offers dual pumping. It has eight washable parts and features one button control on the hand piece. It has an AC adapter, uses the Avent bottles and has a breast shield. Prices vary but typically fall about $350 for this product.<br /><br />Mandatory in all 50 states, car seats are a way to protect children who are riding in motor vehicles. There are many models of car seats on the market. A parent should research the various options. The <a href=’http://www.toddlercarseat.biz/’>Graco car seat</a> offers many different models and is a recognized name brand. The Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat for example can fit on a stroller base. This is convenient for the mother and infant. It cost approximately $100.<br /><br />There are many different types of baby gifts for the mother to be. Thinking about any new parent, these three gift ideas come to mind. They will need a bath tub and car seat most definitely. If breastfeeding, the breast pump is invaluable so the mother will not worry that she will damage her milk supply if she goes back to work or even away from the baby for the day.

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