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Online Diamond Buying Guide

Online Diamond Buying Guide

There are online stores where you can purchase diamonds at competitive prices and low discounts; you can also have a better option among a variety of collection on the net. Once you know the mechanics of diamond purchase, you can obtain it online safely, conveniently and most often, tax-free.

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Here’s how to have a good experience on your diamond purchase.

Tip #1: Be familiar with the tricks of the diamond trade

Get to know about the important things regarding diamonds; you can check the web as to how reputable bodies grade the diamonds, check out the American Gemological Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and others. Viewing diamond pictures should not be enough; there is a description that you can read through.

Tip #2: Search for reliable online jewelry sellers

If the dealer follows honest and ethical standards, it will be evidenced by a certification issued by such bodies on the net as BBB (Better Business Bureau). It will also help if the dealer has an affiliation with a private or public trade organization that is related with the trade like the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT).

Tip #3: Spend time to compare different stones before deciding to purchase

Do not immediately settle for a diamond once you find something that matches your preference and price range. There might be other diamonds for similar prices but better deals.

Tip #4: Have an appraisal of the stone

This is one thing you should not miss for any purchase of diamond. The appraisal should be made by an independent appraiser. It should not come from an in-house appraiser or someone contacted by the vendor. Always be wary about appraisers who try to make buyer recommendations.

Tip #5: Product returns policy

Make sure that you have read and understood the things written out in the vendor return policy. If it is not clearly explained, go to another store. In the event that the grading reports from the vendor and from an independent appraiser differ, product returns are accepted by trusted dealers.

Tip #6: Shipping and transport concerns

Check for any damage or signs of tampering of the sealed package. It is under the hands of the insurance until you sign for the shipment. Once you sign for the package, it ceases to be insured and it immediately falls under your responsibility. Report to the courier company any evidence of tampering; do not sign for the delivery.

Tip #7: Payment-related issues

Online payments through credit cards are preferred in order to prevent fraud due to vendor misrepresentations. But it is important to know your credit card company’s chargeback procedures and policies.

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