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How To Make A Birthday Memorable With Personalised Gifts

How To Make A Birthday Memorable With Personalised Gifts


Everyone remembers a personalized gift fondly. Personally, for me it is never the utility of the gift or how expensive it is that matters – even a lovely memorabilia with a personalized message can really make me happy.

Call me a sentimental fool, but I still have the beanie bear which my sweetheart (now hubby) gifted me for my 18th birthday – it had both our names stitched to its heart! And I also remember the way he proposed to me. It was on my 21st birthday and he gave me a beautiful verse engraved on a glass plate, accompanied by a great birthday card with a personalized message!

My hubby hates shopping and I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful gifts that he chose for me for every birthday. Till finally one day he told me where he shops – online! And not just gifts for me – his friends and family all get personalized birthday gifts from him. And they all love his gifts and eagerly wait for them.

Do you also believe that a gift should always be personalized – well, it can be done easily online. You can select from a wide variety of keepsakes that can be personalized – birthday plaques, sashays, and birthday cards. Can you believe it; you can even get birthday cards with handwritten messages online!

If you believe that the gift should also be of some practical use, then you can go in for personalized key rings, coffee mugs or beer mugs. For women, you can always give personalized jewelry or stitched cushion covers. Even photo frames and albums can be personalized these days. What better gift than an album that has the occasion clearly written on the cover – ‘Tom’s 40th Birthday Bash’!

The best thing about personalized gifts is that it will bring a smile to even hard to please family members. Imagine the excitement of a kid when he sees his name imprinted on his birthday gift! Gift your near and dear ones personalized birthday gifts – although the birthday celebrations last only for a day, your gift will be remembered lovingly forever.

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