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Wedding gifts are a gesture of love and affection. All of us have had quite a number of opportunities to give a present- mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, New Year eve, Christmas and so on.

Having sent and received so many presents it should not be a telling task to select a wedding gift. The rule remains the same- the receiver’s taste and flavor should be considered while making a purchase .

They are kept and treasured for long. It is therefore crucial that a lot of mind churning goes into making the final choice.

The choice of the wedding gift depends on the affection one has towards the bride and groom and vice versa. It is a subjective matter and consequently it transcends all do’s and don’ts. Some people hold scents should never be given as presents but what if your friend has a fetish for perfumes? Will anyaffair appeal to her more than that? All in all, as said, the taste of the person whom the wedding gift is to be presented is the only deciding factor.

It can range from anything from honeymoon tickets, a bottle of scotch, and an art piece to a picture collage of the two! Free wedding websites offer lots of wedding tips, wedding ideas and also wedding gift ideas.

Another thing in point, where should the wedding gifts be sent? Options abound – at the very social occasion, wedding reception, pre wedding, at the bride’s place or to them personally and more. One may consider sending the main wedding gift at the bride’s home and later on sending a letter of thanks post the wedding. This forms an important one since it is equally important to present the gift as is to choose it.
Wedding gifts are also a part of wedding etiquettes. Go ahead and make near and dear ones glad by presenting them what they had always fancied to receive at their wedding.

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