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Budget Friendly Wedding Locations

Budget Friendly Wedding Locations

“For those who are about to get married, they would surely want to have that dream wedding to come to reality. In fact, many spend a lot of money just to get that dream wedding. But why not go for those inexpensive wedding locations and make your dream wedding into reality? You need not spend that much if you go for this option.

Basically, a couple who is just about to get married is still in the process of saving for their future family. However, how can a couple be able to save if the preparation for the wedding itself would already cost them a huge amount of money?

There are even couples who apply for a loan just to have the wedding of their dreams. This can be very stressful because you still need to think about other expenses. The solution? WHy not have an inexpensive wedding venue without sacrificing your plans to have a perfect wedding?

The following are choices of different inexpensive wedding venues:


Try to talk to the manager of your favorite restaurant and ask how much it would cost to rent a private room or even the entire restaurant. Ask for a discount but before doing so, choose an off-peak date and time so there’s a good chance for the discount to be given. A restaurant with a nice and cozy garden would be great for accommodating guests.

Your College

It is usually inexpensive for alumni to have their weddings on campus, especially for alumni. The good thing is, you can save money and also make your Alma Mater a part of the most special day of your life. Of course, you have to decorate this venue to make it look more suitable for a wedding.

Theaters or Performance Halls

They may sound like unusual wedding venues but they can be very magical. Try to find a theater you can rent so you can have your wedding ceremony and reception there. There are actually contemporary theaters and performance halls out there that rent out their space during off-season. When you get wed in a theater or performance hall, you can have the whole stage and feel like a star!


City parks are now open for couples who want to be married there. Of course, a minimal fee is required. If you decide to have your wedding in a park, make sure that it has a covered patio and the view has to be perfect.”

If you want a traditional wedding in St. Charles Missouri, you can inquire about Do you want a St Charles wedding venues which can be perfect yet affordable. St Louis banquets need not be expensive either as there are many fabulous but low-budget venues in the city where you can have your wedding.

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