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The Part About Weddings You Don’t Hear About

The Part About Weddings You Don’t Hear About

We are brought up reading about fairytale weddings, watching them on TV, where nothing goes wrong, the bride looks perfect and everyone has a super time. Reality shows have brought us back down to earth a little, but the behind-the-scenes goings-on at most weddings are not discussed in the open too often. What they don’t tell you about weddings is that even the best plans are ruined by unforeseen circumstances and human nature.

As the bridal couple, you need to understand that things will go wrong no matter how well you have planned your wedding. But because your guests don’t know what you had planned in the first place, they won’t even realize that there are things that are going wrong.

The florist will forget to put flowers in the chapel. The date of your best friend might get drunk and make a fool of himself. Because the door of the room where the wedding cake is stored was left open, the dogs ate a large chunk of it. Your train will have a hole in it because you put the chair on it when you sat down for a while before walking down the aisle. The caterer will have changed the menu at the last moment due to missing ingredients. Your miscreant nephew will try to get his face into every photo taken, and the barman will have forgotten to stock up on your boss’ favorite tipple. Unforeseen weather condition have stifled outdoor wedding plans, ministers have come in late, wedding cakes have been knocked over before the reception has even begun. There have been couples who were mistakenly booked for the smallest hotel room instead of the honeymoon suite because it was already occupied by another couple.

The bridal party, and in particular, the bride and her mother, could let this type of incident ruin an otherwise perfect occasion. Stressing over details that are no longer under your control is not constructive, and the best advice is to take a deep breath, smile and move on. One incident should not be allowed to ruin months of preparation, or affect the rest of your day or night.

What they don’t tell you about weddings is that these things happen. They also don’t tell you that at each of these weddings, the couple did manage to get married despite all the problems. Most of the guests, in fact anyone not involved in the planning, will barely notice most of these problems, and no one will think any less of you for not planning for such circumstances. Most, if not all, of them will enjoy the reception, have a good time and think to themselves, “What a lovely wedding”. You should also try to do exactly just that.

About the author: Robert Butcher is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to the online business and how can I make money online sites.

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