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Easy Design Flowers supports program to stop Domestic Violence in Ecuador

Easy Design Flowers supports program to stop Domestic Violence in Ecuador

“Expoflores” a project supported by  GIZ Ecuador produces flowers without violence. In an unprecedented effort over 50 flower farms participated in an outreach campaign by the “International Day Against Violence Against Women.” It delivered more than 10,000 mini bouquets, with a message of optimism and reflection. The events to deliver this message of life through FLOREC campaign took place in the main areas of the country floriculture. Quito was no exception, and participated together with the Municipality of Quito in a massive event. The campaign moved to media, and even the Vice President greeted the sector and their wives, congratulating Expoflores commitment to work on this subject. The challenge has not stopped there.


Between November 25 and December 2 last, a delegation of Magoly Espinosa, Xavier Romero (Expoflores), and Christine Brendel (GIZ), toured Germany, Austria and Holland. The purpose of this trip was to present the work performed in the sector and to buyers in these countries, to generate a commercial peak on that date, to raise awareness to these countries in the struggle to achieve a mutually respectful coexistence. The Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) found particularly important that this proposal is born of Ecuador and Expoflores, a union with which he has worked for several years. The project is to be developed and no doubt that as a nation we face questions about the future business situation with Europe also joined the campaign themselves. However, there is much optimism about the potential of this double FLOREC and generate profit (commercial peak and citizen awareness), mainly due to the confidence of the German government as executed by our guild. Meanwhile … On March 8 arrived. Certainly for many farms is also a huge sales potential, but for others it is an opportunity to publicly recognize the enormous importance of the female labor force is in the process of producing the “world’s best flowers.” Expoflores, together with the GIZ COMVOMUJER program will continue working on those farms with which it has come a way in the awareness and training of various levels of the farm operation. Similarly, being made in the construction and operation of local networks of support for victims of violence, through the actual involvement of public and private funds. Speaking of March, Women’s History Month, we invite you into their companies generate opportunities for reflection on the importance of living in respect within our work environment, and hopefully into our homes. We have some material support, mainly published on the web, to be released in their companies. We are attentive to your contact when required. Future editions will talk about figures of violence and its impact on the industry, but we think beyond numbers and money are all part of a society, in which individual effort finally allows us to live in peace and security.

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