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Ecuador Roses

Ecuador Roses

Naturally Grown in the Mountains of Ecuador

High in the mountains of South America grow what may be the most amazing roses on earth — with big, beautiful blossoms and thick, straight stems up to four, five, and six feet tall.

These giant roses aren’t on steroids or genetically modified. The region’s unique climate, soil, and expert flower growers are the secret.

Where the Andes meet the equator, the days are long and sunny. Perfect for growing fresh flowers. Yet, at an elevation of 9,500 feet or more, the climate is surprisingly moderate, with cool nights roses love. Rich volcanic soil completes the perfect recipe for growing what many believe are the world’s finest roses.

But, not every rose can become a super rose, even in these ideal conditions. Special varieties are bred for their exceptional length and blossom size then pampered with special nutrients to help them grow. As they develop, only the very best are selected for the extra growing time necessary to reach their full potential.

The process is painstaking and costly, but these “Russian Cut Roses,” harvested later in the growing cycle, exhibit longer stems, superior vase life, and beautiful blooms 3″ to 4″ in diameter with more than 60 petals each.

The result is the ultimate rose, and the ultimate rose gift. Flown from South America direct to the U.S., these extreme roses make a remarkable impression and are unlike any other roses you’ve ever seen. But, they’re not for the faint of heart. Expect to pay about $250 or more for one dozen super-sized roses with a tall glass vase.

For that special someone, they’re worth every penny. And, don’t be surprised if you receive giant kisses or hugs in return.

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