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Orchids vs. Roses

Orchids vs. Roses

Orchids spark more emotion in more people than perhaps any other flower.  Yes, many of us might hold roses as the most emotion-inducing flowers.  After all, roses are the flower most associated with romance in our culture.  But in truth, most would consider an orchid to be a much more romantic gift.  Who would not choose an exotic and wild orchid (and often rather expensive orchid) over a typical backyard rose?

There is much more of a culture behind orchids.  There are so many people that are extremely passionate about orchids – whether these people collect and grow phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, and dendrobium orchids in their homes, whether they travel around the world taking photos of wild orchids, or whether they spend years of their lives trying to find the perfect hybrid to make a truly black orchid… some people are just crazy about orchids and pursuing them is their life goal!

Of course, you do not have to be absolutely crazy about orchid plants just to love them.  Perhaps you have just one orchid flower that you love and care for dearly.  Or, perhaps you love and care for that orchid flower a little too dearly, and you end up over-fertilizing it or over-watering it.  And, of course, such actions will surely lead to the demise of your beloved orchid plant!

Orchid care can be rather tricky, and sometimes, it seems, only seasoned orchid growers can master proper orchid care.  In truth, though, there are quite a few species of orchids that practically anyone could grow – it is just a matter of providing the right growing conditions and the right orchid care.

Even if you are not growing an orchid plant of your own, you can surely appreciate the beauty of any orchids that you might see in photographs or in another person’s home.  There is just something hypnotic and tantalizing about orchids.

Again, there are likely some of us who prefer roses to orchids, but perhaps this is simply because roses are more common – roses are everywhere – and people have not yet had enough exposure to the beauty of orchid flowers.

Indeed, although there is much more of an orchid-culture than a rose-culture, it seems that references to roses appear in our overall culture much more often.  Just take a look at poetry!  Take a look at tattoos, even!

Nonetheless, the love of orchids is a love that will burn brightly in a culture for as long as orchids still exist.  There are so many different orchids out there in the world, it is practically impossible to not fall in love with at least one species, or type.  After all, there are dendrobium orchids, Thai orchids, white orchids, blue orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, cymbidium orchids, and so many more!

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