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Online Diamond Buying Guide

There are online stores where you can purchase diamonds at competitive prices and low discounts; you can also have a better option among a variety of collection on the net. Once you know the mechanics of diamond purchase, you can obtain...

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Wedding Cake with a Budget

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding reception – think about it like you did when you were a little girl with a pillowcase draped off your head as one of your fanciful wedding accessories.  When you and your new husband walk into the...

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Must Haves For New Parents

Having a baby is the most important time in your time. When a new baby arrives, there are many pieces of infant care equipment that a new parent will need to use. If you know someone that is pregnant, chances are down the road you...

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The 4c’s – Diamond Clarity

What is Diamond Clarity? Diamond clarity is the measure of flaws discovered in and about the outside of a diamond.  The less flawed a diamond is, the more value it has as well as the higher the price tag.  You can find extremely...

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Cheap wedding bands

Have you ever thought of hiring cheap wedding bands? Thought it might make a great alternative to a DJ spinning a few boring records? Hiring a wedding band is a great idea as it can really make your wedding go with a swing but booking...

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