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Flowers Care

8 Steps To Make Sure Your Flowers Are the Best Quality Possible

1. Let the flowers rehydrate.

When your flowers arrive, they\’ll be wrapped in a paper sleeve. Cut or tear off the bottom inch of this sleeve, clip the stems, and place your flowers in water, with the sleeve still on. It will support the flowers while they first rehydrate, which will take just a few hours.

2. Cut the stems.

Use a clean, sharp blade (scissors, pruners, and kitchen knives all work well) to clip at least an inch off each stem. This will enable the flowers to drink plenty of water, resulting in a longer vase life.

3. Remove lower foliage.

Carefully remove any leaves that lie below the water line. Wet foliage can rot and cause bacterial growth, leading to dirty water and a dramatically shortened vase life.

4. Clean your vase.

Make sure your vase is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before filling it with clean water, as bacteria in the vase damages flowers.

5. Use clean, lukewarm water.

Water that\’s too hot or cold can be shocking to flowers, and inhibit their ability to drink.

6. Add flower food.

You\’ll receive a packet of flower food with your package; be sure to use it! This mild antibacterial agent will help keep your water clean and fresh.

7. Keep out of heat or direct sun.

Your flowers will be happiest in a cool room (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), away from any heat sources like TVs, heat vents, and sunny windows.

8. Check water level daily.

Never let your vase run dry. Your flowers may be extremely thirsty, especially when they first arrive. Be sure to check the water level daily. If the water gets low, add more. If it appears at all cloudy, change the water, rinse the stems and cut a new end on each stem.